Mater Dei Institute of Education, Dublin

The following courses are approved for the Fund for Students with Disabilities:

Bachelor of Religious Studies [4 years]
BA in Irish Studies and Religious Studies [3 years]
Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies [1 year]
MA in School Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care [1 year]
MA in Healthcare Chaplaincy [2 years]
MA in Religion and Culture [1 year]
MA in Religion and Education [1 year]
MA in Religious Education (Primary) [1 year]
MA Education (Research)
MA English (Research)
MA History (Research)
MA Irish Studies (Research)
MA Music (Research)
MA Religious Education (Research)
MA Philosophy (Research)
MA Theology (Research)
PhD Education (Research)
PhD English (Research)
PhD History (Research)
PhD Irish Studies (Research)
PhD Music (Research)
PhD Religious Education (Research)
PhD Philosophy (Research)
PhD Theology (Research)
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