First-Time Claim

As the term suggests, the first-time claim is completed by the college when the (eligible) student has presented for the first time after enrolment seeking additional support by reason of his/her disability. Most first-time claims are submitted when the student is in first year however a first-time claim can be submitted during any year of study on an approved course (as long as the claim is submitted before the closing date in that year). Note that appropriate Evidence of Disability documentation must be furnished to and verified by the college prior to submission of a claim for funding.

Needs assessment

Prior to the submission of a first-time claim, the college disability liaison personnel should complete an assessment of the applicant’s needs. The needs assessment process is an important opportunity for the student and the relevant member of staff in the college to discuss interventions and pool their relevant expertise - the student’s knowledge of the day-to-day impact of the disability on his/her learning, and the staff member’s knowledge of the physical environment and the demands of the chosen course. Once the assessment of need is completed by the college, they should have all the information they need to complete a first-time claim to the fund on behalf of the student.

Closing dates for first-time claims

An initial closing date for first-time students is usually implemented in October of every year. Claims should be made by the college on or before this closing date in order to ensure timely allocation of funding. 

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