Other Finance: Bursaries & Scholarships

Did you know that there is a broad range of bursary or scholarship schemes in operation which provide an opportunity for students or potential students to access additional financial support if they meet the criteria? Schemes are available which are specifically targeted at students with limited means, students with disabilities and students from minority ethnic groups. In the main, bursary or scholarship schemes are focussed on higher rather than further education, however there are a number of exceptions.

Studentfinance.ie has compiled details of schemes currently in operation. The list featured in this section does not contain every scheme available in Ireland. Click the relevant category on the left to access the information.

Financial institutions also play a role in providing finance for college. Click on this category on the left to learn more. In addition the Department of Education and Skills runs a number of scholarships, see here for further information http://www.education.ie/en/Learners/Services/Scholarships/

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