Course Fees

I started an undergraduate course in a private college but did not complete it. I now want to return and do an undergraduate course. Will I be charged fees?
If the course you now want to do falls within the scope of the Free Fees scheme, you may be liable to pay tuition fees for the equivalent period time spent on your first programme of study where the third Level course concerned did attract Exchequer funding (e.g. fees, maintenance, tax relief, subsidy towards course cost). If the course falls outside of the scope of the Free Fees scheme, you may still be eligible to receive funding towards tuition under the student grant schemes.

I have completed three years of a four year part-time degree course. I have availed of tax relief on the tuition fees during this time. I now wish to undertake full-time undergraduate study. What assistance with tuition fees is available to me?
If the full-time undergraduate course you are undertaking falls within the scope of the Free Fees scheme, you should be eligible for free fees after the period has elapsed on the full-time course which is equivalent to the level of study achieved on the part-time course (as long as you meet the nationality and residency criteria). The period of study on the full-time course prior to this point may attract assistance for tuition fees through the student grant schemes however.
If the course is not approved under the Free Fees scheme, you may still be eligible to receive funding towards tuition under the student grant schemes.

I have to repeat the year on an undergraduate course. I did not pay tuition fees for my first attempt as they were covered under the Free Fees initiative. I must pay repeat tuition fees to do the year again. Am I or my parent(s)/guardian(s) eligible to apply for tax relief on the fees paid?

I am an EU national, however I neither meet the residency requirements for free fees or the student grant. I want to undertake an undergraduate degree in Ireland in 2013-14 approved under the student grant schemes. Is there any assistance available with course fees?
You may be eligible for assistance with course fees only under either the Higher Education Grants Scheme or the Vocational Education Committees Scholarship Scheme. In order to be eligible you must be an EU/EEA or Swiss national and have been ordinarily resident in an EU/EEA Member State or Switzerland from 1 October 2008, for a purpose other than wholly or mainly to receive full-time education. Unlike the normal procedure, you should apply to the local authority or VEC in which the college is situated (not where your normal residence is situated).

I want to apply for the new graduate entry to medicine programme(s). If I am successful, will I have to pay course fees?
Yes. It is an entry requirement for the graduate medical entry programmes that you have an honours degree qualification (NFQ Level 8) already. As the graduate medical entry programme is also Level 8, you are not entitled to free fees as the free fees initiative applies to first-time undergraduates only. Neither is it possible to apply for a grant for fees for this course through the student grant schemes. The annual course fee payable by the student for the graduate entry to medicine programmes is currently €12,000. The two colleges offering the graduate medical entry programme from 2008-9 have arrangements with financial institutions whereby participating students may apply for a loan to cover at least the cost of fees for all four years of the course. Further information is available from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and the University of Limerick.


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