Appeal Forms:

Can I appeal the decision of the awarding authority on my grant application?

If you feel your application for a student grant was incorrectly assessed your may appeal the decision of the awarding authority to its appeals officer. You must do that within 30 days of the awarding authority’s decision.

How do I make an appeal to the appeals officer?

You should contact your awarding authority to enquire how you make an appeal if the decision letter you received regarding your grant application does not already tell you how to do that. You may be required to complete an appeal form or it may be possible to make an appeal by submitting a letter to the awarding authority’s appeals officer.

Can the decision of the appeal’s officer in the awarding authority be appealed?

If after appealing the decision to the appeals officer you still feel that the student grant rules have not been interpreted correctly you may appeal this decision to the Minister for Education and Skills or the independent Student Grants Appeals Board as appropriate – this must be done within 30 days of the appeals officer’s decision.

All appeals in respect of grant applications assessed under the 2011 - 2015 student grant schemes are appropriate to the independent Student Grants Appeals Board, this is provided for under the Student Support Act 2011. [If your application was assessed by S.U.S.I. your appeal will be considered by the Student Grants Appeals Board.]

The form for submitting an appeal to the Student Grants Appeals Board is available here.

Grant applications under all previous schemes, for continuing students, are appropriate to the Department of Education & Skills and an appeal is submitted to the Minister: the Appeal Form to the Minister is available from your awarding authority.

Note on the Student Grants Appeals Board

The Student Grants Appeals Board (Appeals Board) will make a determination within 60 days from the making of an appeal. The Appeals Board decision will issue in writing as soon as possible after the sitting of the independent Appeals Board.

The Appeals Board will not examine cases where an applicant is dissatisfied with the policy conditions provided for under the Student Grant Scheme, the Student Support Regulations or the Student Support Act. These queries should be submitted by the student directly to the Minister for Education and Skills. Matters of policy will be returned to the applicant for redirection to the Minister.

The role of the Appeals Board in examining an appeal is to determine whether the terms and conditions relating to the Student Grant Scheme, and associated legislation, were applied correctly. It is important to note that it is not open to the Appeals Board to depart from the terms and conditions of the grant scheme in an individual case, regardless of individual or personal circumstances.

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